• Ivor Chipkin

GAPP Fellows

As director of GAPP I am trying to shift discussions about workable policy away from 'good governance' agendas and from 'best practice' examples, which are more often than not invitations to mimic Western institutional forms. Instead, I am trying to build an approach to policy-making that is historical and comparative, situating the South African experience in relation to other transitional societies, whether from colonialism or socialism.

In this regard GAPP has taken on several distinguished fellows to assist in this task. They are drawn from around the world and include the great Nigerian scholar, Toyin Falola, Maxim Kholayakov, formerly Vice-President of the Ural Federal University, Russia, Tania Ajam, a leading South African economist at the University of Stellenbosch, Aleksandar Milošević, Faculty of Political Science at the University of Belgrade, Natalija Perišić who is Head of Social Policy, University of Belgrade, Rommy Morales, a Chilean scholar based at the University of Barcelona.

For more details see http://www.gapp-tt.org/about-us/

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